Berne, 6 December 1999

International Bureau Circular 415

Commemorative postage stamp to
commemorate the United Nations Year of
Dialogue among Civilizations in the year

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is our pleasure to bring to your attention that the General Assembly of the United
Nations has proclaimed the Year 2001 as the United Nations year of "Dialogue
among Civilizations". The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran was instru-
mental in helping the General Assembly of the United Nations pass Resolu-
tion 53/22 on this subject and has asked us to convey the present message to you.
The text of this Resolution is attached as annex 1.
The Council of Administration at its constituent meeting in Beijing was asked to
examine this Resolution and endorsed the proposal that  a commemorative
postage stamp be issued to promote the "Dialogue among Civilizations" (see
recommendation CA 8/1999 B reproduced in annex 2). The principle of such a
commemorative stamp was also endorsed by the meeting of the World Association
for the Development of Philately which was held in Berne on 22 November 1999 on
the occasion of the November Postal Operations Council session.
As part of the implementation process for Resolution 53/22, all the postal admini-
strations of member countries of the Universal Postal Union are called upon to
examine the possibility of including in their 2001 stamp programme a commemora-
tive stamp on the subject of "Dialogue among Civilizations".
In order to maximize the impact of the commemorative stamp, it has been recom-
mended that the graphic style for this stamp should be the same for all the stamps
to be issued. In this regard, it is proposed that interested countries organize a
nation-wide competition for the design of the stamp and submit the winning design
to the International Bureau. The International Bureau would, in turn, submit the
winning national designs to a special international jury for a decision on the com-
mon design to be used. The results would be communicated to all postal admini-
strations by the third quarter of the year 2000 which would allow them to proceed
with the planning of their stamp for 2001.
The date of issue for the commemorative stamp should also be the same date
worldwide. It is proposed that World Post Day on 9 October in the year 2001 be
selected as the date of issue for the stamps.
Those postal administrations planning to include this commemorative postage
stamp in their 2001 stamp programme as well as those able to organize a national
competition for the design are kindly requested to inform the International Bureau at
their earliest convenience. Further details concerning the programme for the com-
petition, both national and international, are being finalized and will be forwarded
shortly to all postal administrations of UPU member countries.

Yours faithfully,

Recommendation CA 8/1999 B
Commemorative postage stamp for the year 2001
The Council of Administration,

the purpose of the Union and the aims it pursues as expressed in the preamble and
in article 1 of the Constitution,

the important role that postal administrations can play, by rendering services to all
peoples, as the most accessible means of communication with affordable prices, in
helping the peace-keeping and understanding-promoting activities carried out by
international organizations such as the United Nations,

Bearing in mind
that the Universal Postal Union is one of the specialized agencies of the United

that, on the basis of the proposal made by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United
Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution No 53/22 according to which the
year 2001 was called "The United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations",
Taking into account
the importance and capability of postage stamps in reflecting and illustrating the
most significant national and international events,

the postal administrations of UPU member countries to design and issue com-
memorative postage stamps with the subject of "The Dialogue Among Civilizations"
in 2001,

– the Postal Operations Council, in consultation with the International Bureau,
conduct a study on the possibility of introducing the same design and date
issue for such postage stamps by all member-country postal administrations;
– the International Bureau to report the result of the said study to the mem
countries not later than the end of 1999 by means of a circular letter.