Unusual Stamps in Modern Philately

Philately became more creative and funny when the postal administrations started to apply modern printing technologies and new materials to the postage stamps.

 These stamps, known as “Unusual Stamps”, are conceived to be appealing to our five senses. They are created with new materials, new shapes, new ideas , aiming to captivate the collectors.

 The awesome acceptance of unusual stamps is a clear demonstration that creativity is instrumental for the survival and development of philately.

 This exhibit may help one to understand better why unusual stamps are normally regarded as extraordinary stamps.

 The amount of Brazilian stamps in this collection is not a coincidence. Brazil Postal Office is in the forefront of modern printing technology.

 This collection displays some of those spectaculars stamps from the 21st century. I hope it will please the old and the new generation of stamp collectors.


Additional information:

- All stamps in this  exhibit have been issues after the year 2000, therefore on the 21st century
- A companion web page provides additional information that can not be added in the limited space of the collection sheets.  The technical data for each stamp is available as well as a digital high definition image.
- A QR code is added in each page to allow one quickly recover more information from the internet while watching the collection.
- Normally only one stamp from a series is added to the collection frames due to space constrains.
- Many stamps are shown in full pages instead of single units. This helps  to bring the attention to the special feature of the stamp.