This issue celebrates the 50º anniversary of the campaign “Greening Singapore”. One the stamps  “1st local” comes affixed with seeds of the “Portucala grandiflora”

50 Years of Greening Singapore

This year, 2013, marks 50 years of greening for Singapore! The City in a Garden that you enjoy today, with its vibrant parks, lush tree-lined roads, and thriving biodiversity is the result of the dedication and commitment of many people to enhance the quality of our living spaces.

How did our greening journey start? Former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had a vision to make Singapore distinctive and an attractive place to live in. In 1963, he planted a Mempat tree at Farrer Circus, signifying the start of our greening campaign.

Over the decades, various species of flowering trees and plants were introduced to beautify our city. More parks were also developed, and they gradually evolved into quality green spaces with a wide range of amenities for the community to enjoy. Conscious efforts were made to conserve our natural heritage, and enhance the wildlife in our urban areas. That’s why we can see more dragonflies, butterflies, and birds around us.

The pervasive green network of nature reserves, parks, park connectors, tree-lined roads and other natural areas has made our city a more pleasant place to live, work and play in. All these efforts were not carried out by the government alone. The support of the community was and continues to be crucial in ensuring that our City in a Garden is sustained for generations to come.

Source: Singapore National Parks