Taiwan:Ancient painting:The Nine Elders of Mt. Hsiang,
Round style of M/S of 3 ,2010/MNH
About the history story:
This work is a rendering of the T’ang poet Po Chü-i after retiring from office. It is the story of him residing in Hsiang-shan, Loyang, and gathering with 8 other friends and celebrated figures over the age of 70 for drinking and poetry. They are referred to as the “Nine Elders” of either Hsiang-shan or Loyang. People later admired this elegant event in retrospect and produced many paintings depicting this elegant gathering.

About the painting:
Anonymous, Sung Dynasty (960-1279)
Original Size Length:23.8cm / Width:24.8cm
Printing Size Length:30.0cm / Width:30.19cm
Framed Painting Size Length:45.0cm/ Width:47.0cm
In this painting, a large pine divides the surface into two parts. The left half shows two gentlemen playing Chinese checkers while a third sits observing them. An attendant with a fan stands behind. In the right part are six people; one is dancing with flowers in his cap and three are talking as they walk with two attendants. Two figures are behind the embankment carrying a scroll; a servant boy holding a scroll emerges from the bamboo. It depicts the story of the Nine Elders of Mt. Hsiang. In the biography of the famous poet Po Chu-i in New History of the T’ang, “It is recorded that he (Chu-i) lived in the Lu-tao area of the Eastern Capital. He had a house made of stone among trees and swamps at the eighth bend in the stream near Mt. Hsiang. He called himself Mr. Drunken Chanter (Tsui-yin hsien-sheng)…. He once gathered Hu Kao, Chi Min, Cheng Chu, Liu Chen, Lu Chen,Chang Hun, Ti Ch’ien-mo, and Lu Chen-yen, who were all eminent retired elders. A painting was made of these Nine Elders.”

The miniature sheet is round style,diameter about 100mm,contain 3 stamps.