The ghaf, popularly known as the 'umbrella tree', 'the tree of the dunes' and, scientifically, as Prosopis cineraria, is an indigenous evergreen desert tree belonging to the family that includes Acacia and Mimosa.
It is found in eastern part of Abu Dhabi Emirate extending northwards into Dubai and the northern emirates. Apart from the UAE, it is also found in other eastern desert regions as well, such as Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

Name of the Issue Ghaf Tree
Release Date 31/03/2011
Denominations AED 1, AED 4
Souvenir Sheet AED 40
Size 36 x 36 mm in sheets of 10 stamps
Designer Emirates Post
Printing Method Offset
Printer GLB International - France
Quantities Stamp 50,000 / S. Sheet 6,000

Emirates Post's stamp on Ghaf tree wins 3rd place in 'Most Beautiful Stamp' competition in Austria

Dubai, June 3, 2013
Emirates Post's stamp on the Ghaf tree won the third place in the 'Most Beautiful Stamp Competition' of Grand Prix de l'Exposition WIPA held in the Austrian postal service headquarters in Vienna, recently.
The stamp, issued in March 2011, celebrates the uniqueness of the indigenous Ghaf free which has long been an integral part of the UAE's environment and heritage. Groves of the Ghaf tree grow across the UAE but it is threatened by overgrazing and urbanization.

Mr. Ibrahim Bin Karam, Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates Post Group, said: "It is indeed a great honour for Emirates Post Group to have one of its stamps being recognized among the most beautiful in the world. It is a testament to the high standards we have set for ourselves. Moreover, the award conveys the message that the UAE attaches great importance to environmental conservation."

The Ghaf tree stamp was one of the most unusual stamps issued by Emirates Post for the benefit of stamp collectors. It contained a real seed of the Ghaf tree inside the stamp which is affixed on a Souvenir Sheet.
First created in 1981 by the organising committee of the Vienna International Postage Stamp Exhibition (WIPA) to honour the most beautiful postage stamp of 1980, the Grand Prix de l'Exposition WIPA is now awarded annually. This year's jury consisted of postage stamp experts, including the Director of the Austrian postal service, Dr Georg Pölzl, and the CEO of MICHEL, Hans W. Hohenester. Three of the most beautiful stamps were selected from 65 entries.

The first prize was won by Liechtenstein for its innovative stamp featuring a dragon motif enhanced by state-of-the-art laser technology, the second place went to the Czech Republic and the UAE secured the third position.

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