Featuring the Tournament’s prize, the Webb Ellis Cup, as you’ve never seen it before, this innovative stamp is sure to impress. Produced in strictly limited quantities to commemorate this world-class Rugby Tournament coming to New Zealand, this dynamic stamp won’t last long.

When you order your Webb Ellis Cup stamp, you will receive more than just the stamp itself. The 3D stamp will be protected forever inside a sealed plastic case, which is mounted within an attractive display card. The Webb Ellis Cup stamp is also available on a first day cover, featuring imagery of the Webb Ellis Cup and the distinctive Rugby World Cup 2011 brand.

Behind the technology
The Webb Ellis Cup stamp has been produced using Motionstamp HDR 3D technology. This sophisticated technique gives the Webb Ellis Cup such incredible depth and dimension that you would swear you were looking at the real thing. This highly collectable stamp has all the standard features of New Zealand Post stamps, and it’s also the first time that a Motionstamp stamp has been produced for New Zealand that is laser perforated.

The Webb Ellis Cup stands out amazingly against Rugby World Cup 2011’s stylistic interpretation of the Mangopare (Hammerhead Shark) and the Koru (Fern Shoot). These symbolic elements add a uniquely New Zealand touch to New Zealand’s first 3D stamp.

About the Webb Ellis Cup
The Webb Ellis Cup stamp is the perfect souvenir of a Tournament that will undoubtedly take over the nation, from kick-off until the final whistle blows. As 20 unions from around the world come together, they will be striving towards the same goal: to walk away with the Webb Ellis Cup in hand. This prestigious prize is named after William Webb Ellis, the man credited with creating the game of Rugby, and has been presented to the Rugby World Cup Champion every four years since the inaugural Tournament in 1987. So capture this moment in history and order the Webb Ellis Cup stamp today!

TM © Rugby World Cup Limited 1986-2011. All rights reserved.

Technical information

Date of issue: 7 September 2011
Number of stamps: One self-adhesive stamp
Denominations: $15.00
Stamp designed by: Stamps and Collectables Business, New Zealand Post, Wellington, New Zealand in conjunction with Outer Aspect, Auckland, New Zealand.
First day cover designed by: Stamps and Collectables Business, New Zealand Post, Wellington, New Zealand
Printer and process: Outer Aspect, Auckland, New Zealand using Motionstamp HDR 3D technology
Number of colours: Four process colours
Stamp size and format: 40mm x 50mm (vertical)
Period of sale: Unless stocks are exhausted earlier, these stamps will remain on sale until 6 September 2012