Rice Paper - Song Poetry

Paper is one of the main inventions of China.  Chinese rice paper or  Xuan paper or Xuan Zhi has a history over 1000 years.  It is soft and white paper made from the bark of the tan tree  mixed with rice straw. This paper is long lasting and resistant to color fades.

This souvenir sheet of six stamps was issued on Aug, 2012 to celebrate the Song Dynasty poetry. It is made from Rice paper.

Sand of Silk-washing - Yan Shu  (Value: 80 fen)

Meditating on the Past at Chibi - Su Shi  (Value: 120 fen)

Fairy Of The Magpie Bridge - Qin Guan  (Value: 120 fen)

A Twig of Plum Blossoms  (Value: 120 fen)

Ode to the Plum Blossom - Lu you (Value: 120 fen)

This Unconstrained Poem to Chen Tongfu - Xin Qiji   (Value: 300 fen)

Technical details:

Serial number: 2009-20
Scott Number: -
Values in set: 6
Denomination: 860 fen
Date of issue: August 31, 2012
Size of stamp: 40 * 35 mm
Perforation: 13 * 13.5
Sheet composition: 6 (1 set)
Size of sheet: 135 * 220 mm
Printing process: Offset
Designer of stamp: Gao Yun
Printer: Henan Postage Stamp Printing House