Integrating NETIO with IFTTT

What is NETIO ?
NETIO  is  mobile application (app) that allow users to easily create their own mobile applications for remote controlling hardware. It requires  no knowledge of any programming language so one can start (and finish) the creation of an app in no time.Its is based on the RAD (rapid application development) paradigm where components are added to a screen with easy  drag and drop moves. Those components are typically buttons, sliders, gauges, switches, text box. The major  attributes of those components is a string that can be read or sent to a remote destination connected to internet or local area network. NETIO is hardware agnostic so it will work on any device as long as it is in the net.

What are the similar applications ?   
BLYNK ( This is an ongoing project launched in kickstart.  
Openremote (

What else can NETIO do ?
How good would be if you could command  web services in the internet from your application (ultimately from your hardware / device)  ?  That would open a world of opportunities. NETIO does not have native support for such capability but it can be easily done if we use another great tool named: IFTTT

What is IFTTT and why to use it ?

How to integrate NETIO with IFTTT ?
First you have to know that we would need to use a specific IFTTT channel named: MAKER (
The Maker channel will allow us to trigger web services based on events from our hardware. This is possible because the application you developed in NETIO is able to send a HTTP request to IFTTT. This kind of web request is knows as webhook, a concept that is growing in popularity. 

(1) POST /trigger/OPEN-GATE/with/key/cy8DygUEzeX8aKWYwbez6VPkSotpwtcZjRFrtY0j-wg


(3) POST

(4) /trigger/OPEN-GATE/with/key/cy8DygUEzeX8aKWYwbez6VPkSotpwtcZjRFrtY0j-wg