Delcampe - Censoring  feedback from buyers

The philatelic community knows very well the auction site DELCAMPE. I have been a loyal customer since many years until i found out that they are censoring feedbacks from the buyers. I had a bad experience with a seller nicknamed  PIPELINE and left my honest feedback. It was a bad surprise when i received a mail from Delcampe just saying that they  took the decision to delete my feedback.

This is not a fair play.

The end of the story is that a buyer just can´t trust that a seller with good reputation is really safe. 

I have decided to stop purchasing at DELCAMPE. I will migrate to E-Bay that has a more honest attitude towards its users.

Anyway i can still purchase items from more then 250 others Delcampe sellers that have not created troubles to me. I have their direct e-mail for contact. No need to have Delcampe in the middle anyway.