Unusual Stamps



Exhibit Plan


Frame 01:  

The popular view that a postage stamp is a "piece of paper" has to be revised. Paper is not the only alternative to produce stamps. Many different materials are being used as the substrate of  the stamp. A second objective is to show that stamps can take full advantage of the technological  advances to carry a huge amount of information embedded on its design. The existing techniques are: QR code, image recognition, hologram, multiple images stored and displayed with lenticular process, augmented reality.


Frame 02: 

The purpose of a stamp as a prove of postage payment is over. There are many other ways for the postal administrations to control the postage payment. Stamps remains alive for tradition but also for the revenue they generate and the message they carry by themselves.  The message will be more effectively communicated when modern printing technologies help to  produce visual impact. Among the existing technologies are: hologram, special inks (thermo chromic, glow effect, metallic effect), varnish, embossing.


Frame 03: 

Sometimes ink may not be enough to create the stamps.  Added materials help the convey the message by creating tactile effect to the stamp. The idea is that you will not only see the stamp but you will be able to feel it.  Artists are using this resource to transport the person to the place that is portrayed in the stamp.  Also the collector can keep a very small amount of that special material: a seed from a tree, sand from a tennis court or from a desert, powder from an asteroid, ash from a volcano as so on , so forth. 


Frame 04:

New formats allow artists to convey better their message,  emotion and creativity  in the stamps.  The format itself can carry part of the idea, like for instance: a butterfly shaped souvenir sheet, a tree shaped stamp, a bat shaped issue. Also the notion that a stamp is produced by a country is not accurate nowadays. It is becoming normal to see joint issues and even "Siamese issues" where two or more countries issue stamps in the same sheet.


Frame 05:

Security was always a major concern when producing stamps. Many moderns technologies have been developed in this field and are being applied on stamps: holograms, UV reagent ink, Infraredesign,  microprinting.



This exhibit tries to be unusual as their stamps.  You will see that the layout of the pages is clean and modern. QR codes in the pages direct the viewer to a web page with plenty of information on the issues.  Philatelists normally classify and organize unusual stamps by printing technology. There is nothing wrong on that but under my perspective this  would not help to tell the story stated in the exhibit plan.  It is normal therefore that  you will see an hologram stamp in many different pages. This is normal as hologram can be used for visual impact, as anti-counterfeiting protection, for carrying additional information, etc. Another strong reason for having stamps with same technology scattered all over the exhibit  is that a single stamp can use many different technologies at the same time, and normally, those are the most spectacular stamps.