Brazil - illegal issues

Taking into account the guidance from the UPU and WADP - World Association for the Development of Philately there are many Brazilian stamps that have NOT undergone the verification and registration processs and therefore should be considered as illegal issues.

It is a general consensus among Brazilian philatelists that those stamps are issued with the sole purpose of financial profit. Those stamps can not be used for postage of international mail. Additionally they are NOT included in the yearly philatelic planning neither are included in the year book sold by the postal office.

Here a link to the illegal stamps sold as "personalized stamps" (there are at least twice as many of those stamps issued but not shown in this link).

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Developed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP), the WADP Numbering System (WNS) was introduced on 1 January 2002 with the aim of creating a database of all authentic postage stamps issued by UPU member countries and territories on or after that date.

The goal is for the WNS to become the central point of reference against which stamp issues can be verified, supporting the legal philatelic market by endorsing those stamps that are genuine.

Only those postage stamps that, once received by the International Bureau (IB) of the UPU have undergone the process of verification of authenticity and registration will be attributed a WNS number and added to the WNS website.

The WNS website is therefore a reference tool and a control, by omission, of stamps that have been issued illegally and labels that are claimed to be stamps. The WNS is one of the tools the UPU has introduced, helping the Posts and the philatelic market as a whole to combat this problem.